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Wild West Wear Flare 2019

Well it’s not quite the sunny season yet or time to figure out our wear for those times yet, but it will be soon and definitely time to think about it and start planning on it and our iconic Shanni is on the task already! Then again, she gets ahead of the game and is always on top of everything, and this time is just that! So here’s our plan for the season! Since we’re continuing what we have started and expanding on it, we will host multiple events on multiple omnichannels to expand that and accompish and accomodate this through various resources of ours!!

Our favorite of the season? Macy’s :: SO Much to Love!!! Have a great look we think you’ll love just like we do, oh and all the feels for sure!!! Join in on their sitewide frenzy here at Macy’s and earn cashback through ebates

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