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I had to immediately post this somewhere as I usually need to get my thoughts and insights recorded so I remember them correctly….

The now, the here and now, quit asking how, or there will always be a questioning resounding “how”, doubt, cynicism, rejection and the now, the know….

Instead, you are the “when”, the only word you need to know in the grand scheme, and THE when is NOW, it is, say the word, now…  It immediately stops and trumps the bad situation or moment you have been found in and been the succumbed to for so long…

Sometimes my posts literally write themselves..   ugh erghhh..  don’t give it a deadline, you only have NOW, reiki will teach you this… And contradiction in terms my son, NOPE! Not today, return to sender..   the negatives don’t affect me, us, not now, not ever..

This has my morning so far, today, we put commas and periods where they REAL LEE goooooo..  yep, crazy isn’t it.  Make sense to anyone but me? Sometimes you just need a place, a voice, a listening ear…. Someone who IS listening..

Yesterday I received the first original print from the Phajii line of my all over print tank top. Summer here, I created a season friendly piece of attire. I love it! Yesterday, someone we have known and loved for almost 4 months, McKenna, I showed off my new beautiful piece of work. She being still a relatively new person in our life, someone who has known us in a different context than the business presence you’re seeing now, learned of my business through this and it blew her away, she’s not known this the last few months. Others, few and far between, did, and so to have that limited scope of me, Kyle and our baby boys Mark and Revin and then to find this out about us, was like woow! Who knew?

Plenty… You can go your whole life and never really know someone truly or in a chance moment, a chance encounter, for the reason, season or lifetime… Know them, just under 4 months, end of January, and be completely blown away, dumbfounded, floored by your impressive discovery of someone who has been somewhat someway quasi visible, invisible, the mystery ” What is it about her, she’s just so… Yes! Never ceases to amaze people..  always in strange situations that make no sense to anyone except… My own interpretation.   As Madonna’s song and movie line goes, “who’s that girl?” And Cyndi Lauper “when the working day is done oh girls just wanna have fun!!!” Someday I’ll be able to tell the story behind the tank top, because it’s actually amazeballs, but for now, I plead the 5th lol because some people are 44 going on 2 year old crybaby mantrums, and socially unruly and has always, until now, spoiled the for everyone…

Secrets of the soap world….  Certain agencies have learned certain security provisions via soap story lines because I believe it was Nancy Lee Grahn or Laura Wright, wait no Susan Lucci that made it known that if it’s not kept under lock and key, it ruins the story line for days, weeks and months and that can make or break ratings, therefore defining financing. It’s the money game even in soaps, the plot twists and turns. I actually watched the other day a scene from the season of Melrose Place where Marcia Cross and Daphne Zuniga were fighting over the baby because the “good drs” baby was born still born and stole the others baby, and the other went to take her baby back and the police came and arrested her. How true this is to my own ugly story with my cats’ crazy 44, it floored me..

Welcome to Kyle’s experience with me and mine with him 2 1/2 years ago….

Random thoughts, either or..  on one hand…  On the other..

Wtf is the real truth?

Chester Bennington knew it all too fuckin ugly damn WELL…

So did Katy Perry..


and this video should be really called the worst season of your life.


Not your most defining moment.

Hey babe, I called it and Nailed it yet again just like you know I always do!!  I’m too tired right now to hyper CON text correctly on my blog folks sorry…

And way behind in today’s packing and yet off onto our new old reprise and revision

Don’t Lose Sight of Potential Mastermind, remember when you were young?

“It’s not good enough, you need to write it over”

“I think we’re alone now”

Famous last words, MICDROP…

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