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How Cool Is That!!

I don’t know who needs to know this today, but I felt like someone did…

So here you are! It’s true, you are here being you, doing what it is that you do!!

Precious isn’t it, to think of a tomorrow and weeks from now.

Me and my hubby and boys have been in a different kind of venture that we never could have expected or anticipated, for almost 3 months now and it would suprise people to know. Soon we will talk about it, just not now. It even surprised us so many times!

But even through this, i found this meme that just makes me think of you, or whoever, or certain people who don’t know what they truly really need in life, missing their purpose, and it’s really kind of sad, how sad would it have been to have completely missed that boat. But I think, there’s always a chance to feel like life can be good again. 3 months, good and bad, unexpected, different, wow.

And here’s our time coming soon, to look back on this, and miss it, yet say, time to move forward with faith. Remember that when you are feeling like your fire is out, but you’re still here among us, there is always tomorrow…

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