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Tada’s!! Let’s talk Food and Meal Prep! Winning them over With Hearts Full of Smiles!!!

Pretty Please Forgive me for not posting for a while.. March has been a crazy weird month for us, Our family went on our party staycation a few weeks ago for Kyle’s birthday, our anniversary and Mark’s 5th birthday and  I was sick the whole way through, followed by an emergency medical procedure and not even time to recover from that before we got flopped into paperwork and “you need us to get Revin in by this weekend because he had an abnormal thyroid lab and the Dr marked it as urgent” (Revin, our 14 month old Down Syndrome baby boy) this was 2 days, Thursday, and today, our other monkey, Mark turned into our big 5 year old. So we’re celebrating that today, but we’re also a bit stressed out.

But all the more reason that we need to touch down on food, and smiles and great health involved with food lifestyle choices.  When you’re a mom, or a parent, you find yourself thrust into the full time roll of foodie and then the never ending task becomes how to feed a family healthy yummy food every day without spending too much time in the kitchen when you have to attend to other life and family tasks right?

So my thought has been for a while to simplify it and make one more thing easy, on time and the food budget…

That’s when I think back to when I lived with my sister Konnie about 6 years ago and what she had done to tackle this task, not a new concept, but freezer meals. Tada! Easy idea. There is 1 idea. And that is just one idea. Boom, on it! She had stuff like enchiladas and frozen home made fruit pies (that my cousin was making and selling as a fundraiser) that Konnie just stored in her freezer for easy whenever meals, and it was just me, Konnie and my (then pregnant) niece Staci in the house so this was such a simple idea that worked. But we don’t always have cousins having foodie fundraisers to make life easier for us, so now we usually have to rely on our own foodie intellect to manage the every day food service for us and ours.

Again, touching down here. The food challenge, healthy quick meals in a hurry. Admittingly, I simplify sometimes and say “screw it, we’ll just buy hot pockets!, Pizza rolls and chicken nuggets with a deli/fruit tray” and call us good for the next week! But ugh! That’s too much preprocessed factory food to be healthy and budget friendly and I can’t control all the ingredients in those foods. It works for a moment. But wait, if you, like me,  love to cook big meals sometimes when I’m given a great recipe to try, then that’s usually good for 1 meal, and maybe a set of leftovers. But then wait! Ugh leftovers! Who wants leftovers vs fresh meals all the time! So then it turns into a food jungle of assorted foods in your fridge or food stock that sits there uneaten. What a waste of good food and money! See it’s a never ending process, and then, the social of it! Where’s that! Who ate that!” Nope, it got thrown away because it looked like something my 9 year old nephew made in art class!”

Ugh! No! I was gonna eat that for lunch today and now what am I gonna eat!!!

Bleh!!!! Big freak out moment!!!

But wait, what’s this, oh.   A solution!!

Mozarella bread sticks! Heat 5 of these up for a minute and voila! Breakfast! Breakfast? Mozarella sticks for breakfast? Well if you ask my (“hey mikey he likes it!”) hubby Kyle, his philosophy is “hey food is food!” he’d eat that for breakfast lol!

And then (micdrop), my response, the big contradion, works for Kyle and people who aren’t picky or have food challenges. I’d love to think that way about food because who doesn’t love food and want to eat anything. But there are exceptions to my hubby’s philosophy that I have to tackle..  a very ugly “pre” word…

Pre-diabetes…. Or, other dietary/digestive issues/conditions. No, not pretty words, big scary ugly words that mean diet and lifestyle changes are on the menu agenda ahead. This means that for this mom, hot pockets and preprocessed breakfast burritos are a no go and so for me, my coffee and string cheese are my breakfast. Still gonna have our coffee, that doesn’t change. But for people like Kyle and I who have lost weight rapidly due to former life altering stressful situations, whereas weight gain is a huge priority and goal, potato pototto. Not in what you say, but how you say it and why. So there are these differences and adjustments to food and lifestyle.

So how do you talk about it and handle these huge tasks in small tiny spaces? Let’s talk about it in this group, the new food group here at this website ShanniShaner.com, here’s the link to the group if you want to talk about food and join the big social conversation about it. Before we went on our party playcation I actually made a freezer delight that I was told by someone that it looked really good and they would actually pay me money at a restaurant for it if they saw it there. Nice! I love that! Score one for me, I’m pretty proud of that! I will be sharing that recipe and more at the group and on this site in the very soon near future so check back very soon! See you at our new food group!! Take care!

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