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Hey Influencer! How You View Yourself is a Good Cue to Your Next Step, Make It A Good One

This is what I’ve been thinking about this morning as I’ve been in about what Kyle and I need to do next for our business, and this exact statement comes to mind, so I sat in the thought of it for a few minutes and some people and relevance came to mind, and so did another word recently….


So put this altogether and what does it mean? It means I blog til I figure it out, and that’s usually how I determine which step I personally need to take, after all, that’s what got us to our current place and state in time because we, influencers are “Go*Getters” and I have a tribe of people who are too. So there you have it..

Why? Because think of what’s going on in your life? New pathways for us, that’s what, because we broke out of the box type thinking. If we saw ourselves as people who couldn’t, we wouldn’t have, but we saw ourselves as people who can and will, so we do. We’ve actually surprised a few people lately with these views and actions, and one particular young man (stole my heart, and calls me mom, my 2nd born) is still trying to get me to divulge my trade secrets. Eek, um no… Not quite yet, we still have some other angles to work first.

But it’s all in the mindset, if you do as you’ve always done, you’re always gonna get what you’ve always got. But I was just never one to sit back and accept the fate that other people tried to impress upon me as the only fate, the only option, or only choice.

Bullshit! Had I seen myself the way others seen me, and Kyle too, we never would have come this far, but because we see us our way, we still do more than what we, or others thought possible. We achieve! So instead of sitting around like crybabies, we utilize that time to come up with a better Go Getter, so here we are. It’s really the truth! So see yourself into a different light, as someone who… And Do!

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