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The Short Sweet To The Point Appetizer Ohhhh This is Awesome!!

Okkkayyy so here’s our family’s new favorite meal and it’s a really easy and great one! I’m always in search of new quick food and meal ideas that will not only feed and fill but will be quick and easy, yummy, and easy to clean up and this one is definitely one of those. This is the short sweet and to the point appetizer, another one that doubles as a meal and is well rounded also, so to speak, I love this one and so does my family! Usually what I can’t finish eating at the table when I’m full, I pass on to Kyle (“hey Mikey, he likes it!” Give it to Kyle, he’ll eat anything) except this one filled us up so much that he couldn’t even finish his, and gave that “are you effing kidding me?” look when I tried to give him mine. Literally all it was, was on the plates in the picture. It is just that good and all I thought it should be. So I named it The Short Sweet To The Point Appetizer, appropriately fitting!

So here’s how to make it if you want to.


1 Bag of Red Robin Onion Rings

Tater Tots

Shredded Cheese any variety

Dipping sauce of your choice (fry sauce is awesome and fun if you have littles) or for a more adult crowd, Jack Daniels sauces, Barbecue or otherwise

Put the onion rings on the plate as you will, and tater tots in the rings and around the rings as you like and just sprinkle the cheese on top to your liking, leave a little room on the side of the plate for your sauce or you can put the sauce on top after you heat it up. 2-3 minutes in the microwave for a large plate, 1-2 minutes for a small plate. It will come out perfect, believe that!!

Grab your sauce put it on the side or top and voila!! There you have it folks!!

Like I said great quick food idea that literally only took me a minute to drum up in the store and it worked perfectly! If you make this, hope you enjoy it! Let us know know how you like it! Sign up and give us your feedback or share your own recipea!

Thanks 💃 Shanni 🔮

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