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Point Post in Place: the Art and Practice of Mudras, Brief Introduction for Trauma Release

Tonight I’m sitting here thinking and I didn’t even intend to blog at my blog tonight because I was thinking about doing other things. But here I am because I feel like I might have an important impactive message to get out there to the masses though I don’t know what.

I feel like I need to say something along the lines of trauma release for people who are going through hard times because tis the season ya know. And I too know what it’s like to to be buried under hardship and pain and the pangs of life get carried away with you when you got so much on top of you.

Breathe breathe breathe…. Your thoughts and your breath just at an even flow with each other. Let them out as they will come out, calm and steady….

Man my oh my do I want to plan to host some yoga retreats because I feel they’d be so beneficial. I have a mudra deck that I need to put to good use. I hold my hands steady in mudras in my sleep. Mudras are part of the meditative pseudo spiritually of new age wisdom. I think of friend of mine that I got to know in Shamanism groups, whom just like me, practices all forms of spiritual soul practices. It’s nice to know someone else like minded like that, that even just checks up on me, Kyle and the family and asks how he can serve. He even sent reiki to Revin when he was premature and struggling to maintain temperature. Revin has down syndrome and was a month premature. Weighed 4 lbs 15 oz. He was tiny! I did some work on Revin myself, using my gifts. Later it has come into effect that I have done a lot of work on his father too, my sweet hubby. God we got a lot going on.

Anyhow, I want to share some wisdom of what I know of meditation and yoga that, to be honest I don’t even remember how I learned about mudras with these processes but I have seen results from them. I would like to recommend that people look into the arts as well and start to learn them as an added benefit. I will talk more about them in future posts. But it’s worth looking into now. I hope they help! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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