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Shanni’s Divine Blog Convention Starts Soon!

Well hello there!! I’ll make this short sweet and to the point with the purpose of this event with no hype or fluff, but that’s just me blogger at shannishaner.com and app star with my husband Kyle with something to say! I don’t just want to run a site and claim to be the next big thing, I just want to have like minded people my communities and do web design work. I love making beautiful websites!

Something I love doing to earn an income for my family is go crazy wild with the whole cash back craze, I’m a cashback snob! And I also love earning an income with Amazon. I love talking about that and what I know. And I love being me!!

One big huge thing I am so excited for in my work are my web communities for sharing gratitude and great news!! Oh and also helping to inspire people to be more in themselves and be their best!  I love it when I can show others that there is more to life and a better way to live life to the fullest than the daily grind and to celebrate ones own personal self.

Sign up for The Rush here

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