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Minor Initiation

Well so, hello there! Time to start this blog with a minor initiation so I can start adding more to it. No big introduction at this time just basics to start in the interest of time and money. But at least I get to start! We’re on to one of the biggest things that’s ever happened to us right now, so time is limited at this very current moment. But we had to start somewhere.
I can’t wait to see…
I am excited.
So many thoughts, such a different mindset to look forward to.
I know it will be very prosperous. Right now it’s a bit scary.

I love my Lucas, my first grandbaby born in February of this year. He’s a month younger than my youngest RevinRevin, who was born to Nick and Tori.

Just be real, just be me and my true people will love me, sounds good to me 💃

I started a business last year that I ended up losing again but it didn’t bring in any revenue at all. Not even considered a loss. This was just over a year ago and how life is so much different now and going somewhere I never would have imagined we would. I’m glad I am not in that same dark emotional place I was last year. Expecting a baby and I look back and think about how white as a ghost of a weird unexplainable place I was in then I cringe to think. I don’t know how I got from that ugly place til here but I’m glad we’re here and not how that was. And now I have married Revin’s father Kyle and everything is streamlining towards what’s on the other side. Oh yeah, we know.

I’m really actually not that great of a blogger when it comes to explaining my personal self life and experiences. But you got something personal here that I’ve never been good at doing before. Lol so sorry, not sorry, what you see is what you get. I guess I’ll start practicing being a better blogger. But oh do I write and Excel at that. Focus wheels, I learned about a year ago and I can do them in my sleep. I will be covering these when I get further into Phajii.

The next 2 weeks of our lives ohemgosh as my friend Aimee would say, she’s adorable though.
Happy Holidays. My birthday 🎂 on December 21st. Did I even get to do my annual peruse around Valley Fair Mall here in Utah, or was I too afraid I’d go into early labor? My birthday itself last year I know, just sucked. This year I don’t even know if I will get a cake but when I think of what’s up coming for us, that’s gonna be the best bday present I’ve had for a long time.

2 years ago I barely knew his name, and look at us now Wow! We are not those same 2 klutzy 40 something kids, look at us now!

Anyhow, more coming later. Night everyone!!!

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