My Gratitude Rocks!

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First Feature Image

Look what we have!! My Gratitude Rocks is a site for the expressive art of self compassion and Gratitude!. It's not just for the 30 days in November before Thanksgiving, it's any time really! Join us 💃🙏 Thank you!!

2nd honeymoon for our first anniversary?

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Oh yeah we're on top of that, and we've got our own ways of making it happen!! Check out one of our new venture premieres at IHEARTAMAZON.ROCKS

Hey it's Us!!! Meet the Shaner Family In All of our Glory!!

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It's more than just life with the littles and spending 3 hours a night getting babies back to bed. There's more to us than one little paragraph can tell. Come see for yourself who we are and what we are all about!!

Shanni's Blog

Info Updates and Great News Only! Because GreatNews.ROCKS 💃🎂

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